How to make a VERY EASY non-surgical face mask…..

We realise there is a lot of controversy as to whether or not homemade fabric masks are effective against COVID-19 and would clearly like to point out that we are in no way suggesting that these masks are an adequate alternative to medical grade surgical masks…. BUT we think anything we can do that may possibly protect our loved ones is worth a go. So here it is. Our very own guide on how to design your own surgical mask, put together by our very experienced sewer Berta. Our lovely Berta has also been busy this lockdown contributing to the NHS cause, by sewing scrubs on behalf of Nottingham Scrub Hub! - Amazing!For the masks, we would recommend you use any kind of dress fabric cotton, anything that is comfortable and absorbent. There are literally thousands of prints to choose from. Whether a subtle plain design is your style or if you would prefer to accessorise, there’s always the option of a funky floral, or spotty dotty design.. We hear the union jack is particularly popular at the moment, we’ve even seen a game of thrones print design… Whatever you’re into, there’s a design for everyone.

Don’t forget to send us a photo of yourself in your fabulous mask, as always we would love to see how our customers are breaking the boredom barriers of lockdown! Remember creativity is contagious so pass it on! Please send pictures to

 Step 1 – Cut out two pieces of fabric, one for the front and one for the back measuring 23cm x 14cm.

 Step 2 – Cut 2 x narrow elastic to go around the ears. You could use ribbon, tape or those bits of narrow ribbon that always seem to stick out of the neck of dresses ( hanger tape )

 Step 3 – Secure the elastic as shown on the face side of one of the pieces of fabric. Step 4 – With the face sides of the fabric together, sew around the edges making sure that you sew the elastic in. Leave a gap so that you will be able to turn your mask to the right side.

 Step 5 – Turn your mask to the right side, sew up the little gap.

Step 6 – Form 2 pleats in your mask, press them with your iron and sew carefully all around the edge.