Making a baby quilt

A padded quilt is designed to be reversible so the front and back are made in the same way. Here is a list of the type of materials you will need.

Materials - printed soft cotton in small floral designs. Scissors, Needle, Thread, Pins, Wadding and narrow ribbon in matching colours to the print design.

If you want ribbons on both the front and back of the quilt simply turn the quilt over and repeat the procedure making sure the bows are in the same place on each side.

1. Cut two main pieces for the quilt 50cm/20in square and eight border strips 10X100cm/4X 40in. Cut the ends of each strip at an angle of 45 degrees to form a mitre. Hand sew along the top and bottom of each strip to gather.

2. Pin then tack the gather the borders to the four sides of each main piece, adjusting the gathers to fit the corners. Machine sew each mitred corner carefully, then machine sew the border in place, ensuring that the gathers are even. Press the gathers flat.

3. Cut two pieces of wadding to the size of the completed front and back pieces. You could sew the wadding to the fabric following the diagonal lines of the patterned fabric. Stop before you reach the border edge.

4. With the right sides facing and raw edges even, pin the quilted pieces together. Machine sew the seams, remembering to leave a gap on one side, wide enough to turn the quilt through. When the quilt is pulled through hand stitch the gap closed using a needle and matching thread.

5. Thread the marrow ribbon through a needle and push the needle through all the layers of quilted fabric from front to back then to the front again. Cut the ribbon and tie securely using a double knot.