The benefits of using Zero Carbon Footprint Fabrics..

As a well respected fabric supplier we are conscious how fabric is a major contributor to landfills and are actively doing our bit to reduce our carbon footprint and increase sustainability - a subject close to our hearts. Did you know a staggering 92 million tonnes of textiles waste is generated each year, let’s draw a picture… that’s one rubbish truck full of clothes ending up in a landfill site EVERY second. 


Our HIGH QUALITY, vintage surplus fabrics offer a eco-conscious environmentally friendly alternative to the brand new designer fabrics on the market and help reduce both landfill waste and greenhouse gases, saving our natural resources. Just because the fabrics are surplus and unused doesn’t mean the fabrics are worth any less, in fact, they are usually high end ex designer ranges. Even better news, having incurred zero production costs, these fabrics can be sold at much lower prices making them much more budget friendly - a huge benefit in the cost of living crisis.


As vintage surplus fabrics are not mass produced and are limited in supply, they also give both fashion and interior designers the opportunity to create unique, highly stylised one off pieces. The appeal of owning something individual, that no-one else will have is becoming increasingly popular in an industry flooded with mass produced designs. 


With a long history of buying and selling fabrics and a HUGE store of EX Designer Fabrics, we at My Fabric Place are adding to our rather fabulous Zero Carbon Footprint Fabrics collection everyday, doing what we can to be as environmentally conscious as possible. Have a browse at your leisure but remember - stocks are limited, once they have sold, they are gone forever! The demand for these fabrics is continuously rising as we become more environmentally conscious society and that can only be a good thing.