Hand-made hairbands for your lockdown hair!

Here's our guide how to make your very own fabric hairbands to help you make the most of your lockdown hair! 

You will need :-

- a little bit of fabric available here:


- a little bit of elastic available here:


- a little bit of creativity!

Step 1 - Cut 4 pieces of fabric 50cm x 20cm, cut 1 piece of fabric 25cm x 15cm, cut 15cm of elastic.


Step 2 - With right sides together sew along the long edges, fold and sew along the edge of small piece.


Step 3 - Turn to right side and press. Turn in the raw short edges and press.


Step 4 - Thread elastic through the casing, securing at both ends.

           Step 5 - Fold.

             Step 6 - The Sandwich.


Final Step - Sew through all thicknesses at each end.