Made with love: A hand-made Xmas

The Festive Season 2020 is sure to be different, if not difficult, as so many of us prepare for the possibility of a holiday season spent apart from some of our friends and family. While we all hope that it will soon be safe to lift the restrictions imposed because of the worldwide pandemic, now is a good time to begin planning and making hand-sewn gifts with that personal touch that will prove that, even when apart, we care for one another.

A wonderful way in which to convey love for someone is to create something especially for them, guaranteeing that the object, whatever it may be, will be a treasured link between the giver and the recipient.

According to an ancient Scandinavian legend, generous nobleman Nicholas, the real Santa Claus, heard of the poverty of a widowed father with three daughters all in need of dowries, so he secretly dropped bags of gold down the chimney of their house. The coins landed in the girls’ stockings which were hanging up to dry and thus began the wonderful tradition of hanging up our stockings on Christmas Eve in the hope that Santa will fill them up with treats. Even if we have no such hopes, the Xmas Stocking is one of our favourite symbols of the Festive Season, and is a great starting point for your hand-made creations.


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The simple shape of the stocking lends itself to all sorts of interpretations. The size, the fabric and the embellishment can be limited only by the extent of your imagination and the vast range of fabric and trimmings currently available in the shop and on-line at My Fabric Place. For rustic & homespun looks, try combining hessian, calico and felt, link to our felts using fir cones, seed heads or gathered sprigs of berries with some of the lovely Christmas ribbons available from a selection at My Fabric Place. Traditionalists will be delighted with the fabulous nostalgic prints especially for the Festive Season, and you’ll enjoy using your creative flair by choosing harmonising fabrics and trimmings. For a Xmas most modern, My Fabric Place has plenty of bling, with brilliant metallics and shimmering silver glitter fabric, perfect for every princess.

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Money saving approach: Make the most of your fabric: by selecting a co-ordinating range of fabric, you’ll be inspired to create beautifully harmonising gifts and decorations without waste; fabric wreaths, tree decorations, Xmas cards, gift wrappings and the most thoughtful of individualised gifts.

Hand-made stocking fillers & tiny gifts will always be appreciated and treasured because of the love and thought that they represent. If your creative talents stretch to cooking as well as sewing, imagine the delight in opening a Xmas stocking to discover little fabric bags of hand-made fudge, coconut ice or chocolate truffles!

Fabulous wildlife themed linen-look panels for hand-made cushions – the perfect gift for the home, the car, camping or caravan staycations!

My Fabric Place also stocks feather and polyester cushion fillers.

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The unexpected restrictions of the past few months have resulted in an increased interest in home cooking. Lots of people have surprised themselves by discovering their hidden chef! What better way of acknowledging their skills than sewing the gift of authentic chef’s trousers? My Fabric Place stocks chef checks at a bargain price in the clearance section.

Whatever your interests, whatever your skills level, My Fabric Place is happy to supply you with all of the fabric, sewing patterns and haberdashery that you could possibly need to create a wonderful hand-made Xmas. Enjoy your sewing and enjoy yourselves.